What's in a (band) name?

When I decided on our band name, I got mixed reactions. Some people loved it, some people hated it or just didn't get it. I always wonder when I tell people the name if they're going to read too much into it. And maybe even judge the band based on the name. And sometimes I feel like they do, and I guess I should've prepared for that.

It wasn't completely arbitrary. I liked the sound and look of Soapbox Army, and I hadn't really seen soapbox in a band name before. I wanted something different. On top of that, it just seemed appropriate for people who stand on a stage and spew their perspectives on the world and those around them. Every band creates a soapbox because every band uses the platform to share their own unique view of the world. The "Army" part just had to do with the fact that, well, EVERY ONE nowadays has a voice. Whether you believe that's good or bad, everyone has a twitter, facebook, blog, whatever. But to me, that's just an observation - sometimes I think it's a good thing, sometimes bad. But either way, it's the new norm.

Traditionally a soapbox is a political thing. However, this is not a political band. We're not Rage Against The Machine. That said, the lyrics can be opinionated and therefore I thought the name was appropriate. But as far as politics go, after witnessing this latest shitstorm of campaigning/debating/FB opinion-spewing, I'm so turned off by the whole thing. I can't really identify completely with either party. I'm with Chris Rock, who said in one of his stand-up specials that if you choose a side on something before you even hear the issue, you're an idiot. He said, "On crime, I'm conservative. Prostitution...I'm liberal!" And I think that's the only healthy mindset to have. But I digress... 

I guess my point is, a name is a name. Some bands put "The" before a noun and there you have it. They don't think about it too much. Others probably think about it too much (like I did). I do believe that, just like the music, you should be able to stand behind it and have it mean something to you. Because you're gonna have to live with it. But at the end of the day, it's a name and shouldn't really affect anyone's opinion of you or your music. If a band calls themselves "The Fartsbargles" and they have amazing songs, who the hell cares? Wait, I think I just came up with a side project. -dan

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