Hurricane Sandy, Baroness & Doing What You Love

Oh, what a week we're having in NYC. Without adding depressing insult to injury, right before the storm hit I was reading an article about the band Baroness and their recent bus crash near Bath, England. You can read the lead singer's letter regarding the crash here (it's long but a really powerful read): 

While driving down a hill on their tour bus, the brakes failed completely and the bus went flying through a guardrail and dropped about 30 feet into a bunch of trees. Amazingly, all nine people on the bus survived but with severe injuries (letter includes gory details). In the letter, lead singer John Baizley talks about the fact that he was as close to death as you could possibly be. But that the band can't let the accident stifle what has become so much more than a passionate hobby for them. They have to go on, and in fact, they're now more encouraged and driven than ever to pursue their goals because of what happened.

As much annoying crap as I've been through this past week, that's all it really is - annoying crap. It's nothing compared to what many others have gone through. I've heard some pretty devastating and heart-wrenching stories. When things like this happen, people always talk about what's important - and of course, the number one thing people mention is family (including close friends). That goes without saying, and who you love is always the most important thing in life. But people don't really talk about what you love after things like this happen. I feel like it's almost as important. And that's one of the reasons this letter affected me so much. Having purpose and feeling like you're contributing something to the world, however big or small, is such a big deal. At least for me. 

I come across people all the time that have dreams or at least things they'd love to be doing besides trudging it out in their current jobs. And time is a'wasting. And none of us are getting any younger. And the point is to just do it, as Nike says. Have the courage to get the F out of your current situation and into a better one. It might just be a marketing ploy, but Nike's line is brilliant. Quit procrastinating and whining. I mean we're all guilty of it, hell I'm one of the worst offenders, but find a way to get things done. Now. Discover what you love, what makes you feel alive, and pursue it completely. If nothing happens, you can't have any regrets because you tried. And you'll find something else to fulfill you. It may sound like some cheesy Tony Robbins guru crap, but it's all true.

So yeah...Call your mom and make sure you're doing what you love. Just my .00002 cents. -dan

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