Another A-hole with an opinion, Volume 9: Whoa, dude, you got humor in my music

I can't tell you how many pompous music reviews (*ahem* Pitchfork) I've read that discuss the role and importance of humor in music. Anytime a "cool" music blog or publication criticizes a band or album, they talk about them being "humorless" or "overly earnest" or "melodramatic, without a hint of humor or irony." This always bugged me. Look, I'm as big a fan of comedy as any other normal human being, and if you can incorporate that into your live show - great. But who says I want that in my music? Who says a band is only valuable if their music contains humor? Comedy and music are two completely awesome - but separate - things in my mind. Sure there is a place for They Might Be Giants or Ween or any other band who injects comedy, but that is THEIR sound and THEIR own writing style. And it's not for everyone. On the flip side, if a band is so serious to the point that it's mentally draining or depressing, they're probably just shitty. 

Personally, I listen to music to create a mood and an experience, to put me in another space. At its best, music will give me chills when I hear it. I do not listen to music to laugh, or even chuckle. I may smile, but that's because I'm overwhelmed to the point that it's become funny - as in, holy shit that part fucking KILLS ME. So good! Rewind that please.

People even criticize bands like Pink Floyd - one of the greatest bands of all time - for not having a sense of humor. Last time I checked, they had songs that completely moved people into a different space mentally. Took people out of their humdrum existence and hit them over the head with melodic bliss and pure technical ability. And SONGS. Great songs. 

Anyway, if you want to inject some "hilarious" writing into your ditties, by all means - go ahead. It has its place in certain songs and styles. But I would just love to stop seeing popular blogs and magazines and internet trolls criticizing music that is earnest. Music that is poignant, honest and comes from a real place. Because for some people, that's the only kind of music that resonates. I'm not looking for Seinfeld when I listen to music. The real funny thing is, despite all these criticisms of earnestness, bands like Arcade Fire and Grizzly Bear - two incredibly serious and earnest bands - are somehow given a pass by Pitchfork and the like. Exceptions to every rule, I guess. For the rest of us, I guess we should look to Weird Al for inspiration.

In other news, our video for "Headlight" (which is actually pretty funny) will be out tomorrow, so look out for that. Hope all is well, peoples! -dan

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