Another A-hole with an opinion, Volume 8: Matt Basile

So I think it's about time that we introduce our new bassist, Mr. Matthew Basile.

What we know about Matt so far:

-Grew up in Connecticut
-Likes to skateboard
-Has played in numerous bands, including his own projects where he's been the frontman
-Runs a great rehearsal and production studio in Brooklyn called Proper Pop
-Responds a hell of a lot quicker to texts than phone or email
-Has been to Rio De Janeiro exactly 87 or less times
-Favorite breakfast is Moons over My Hammy (not accurate)
-Dabbles in ventriloquism (creepy and inaccurate)
-Obsessed with the work of obscure 19th century Swedish painter Gottfrid Kallstenius (what?)
-Social security number has a 2 in it (possible)
-Name spelled backwards is Weht Tam (accurate)
-Has fantastic hair, as evidenced below
-Is a fantastic bassist

And yet despite all these great qualities, he is a complete and utter asshole. I keed! Matt’s a very talented and very cool guy. We’re psyched to have him in the band as he's a great fit and brings a lot to the table. Please help us welcome him!



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