Another A-hole with an opinion, volume 20! New songs + EP updates

Friends, fans, humans,

Hello again.

It's been awhile, so we thought it would be a good time for an update. Going to try to make this quick (no promises!), so you can get back to Pokemon Go and updates on Caitlin Jenner and Donald Drumpf.

So it's been a crazy few months musically - we've gone from just-about-to-release new tunes, to going back to the drawing board, to issues with song premieres, to re-writing, to reworking arrangements, to a host of other boring details about recording and releasing songs that I won't get into.

The bottom line is - it hasn't been ideal, but I also want to apologize for the delay. The good news is, we are getting closer, and (in my opinion, at least) the songs are getting better.

To take a quick step back, we started working with a PR company to premiere 2 new songs in advance of the EP release. In the midst of that process, a lot of shit either went wrong or changed. More specifically, said PR company (which bragged about having tons of great blog and label contacts), turned out to be a fraudulent, scam-errific shitshow. We've dealt with shady publicity and PR companies in the past, but this company was a whole different kind of beast. They were impossible to communicate with, gave no real guidance, made virtually zero effort on our behalf, and basically just flat out ripped us off. Most of these small PR companies are shady, vulture-like operations preying on artist dreams and insecurities - but again, this was on another level.

I have no qualms about sharing the name of this company - they're called Vicious Buzz, based in LA/Hollywood. For any fellow artists out there, if these guys contact you, run in the other direction and fast. Every artist I've spoken to about the company has had virtually the same experience as us. I just don't want it to happen to any other artists. Bottom line - do your research.

But a good thing did come out of this whole experience. For me personally, it reminded me why I started creating music and what my intentions were in the first place. To create for myself, to see a fragment of an idea come to life in full. The overall positive response to these creations has been a fantastic bit of gravy on top of everything else. But the motivation was never to be rich and famous; it was always to create art that I was proud of. And helped me personally get through life. And, hopefully, it had even an iota of that effect on others.

Another thing that's happened as a result of these delays is that I've taken a step back on the new material and realized that I wasn't completely content with where the recordings netted out. I've taken this extra time to rewrite some lyrics, and we're in the process of rearranging and re-producing the tracks, in order to try to capture the original vision for these songs.

So, the good news is that things are moving along (however sluggish the process might be). And we should have a new song or two to share within the next couple months. And a full EP WILL BE HAPPENING. When? Can't say exactly. Hopefully by early 2017. But I've learned to stop guessing. :)

We appreciate your patience, and really hope you enjoy the final creations. Of course, I think this will be our best album yet. Really.

As always, thanks for your support. And thanks for listening! News and updates coming soon.



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