Another A-hole with an opinion, volume 17! Our new EP

If you follow this blog (and who doesn't!), you may have noticed that I mentioned a couple of new tracks would be released soon. And while that is not entirely untrue (we will be releasing new music soon), the reason for the delay is, among other things, because we have gone in a slightly new direction with the band's sound.

Long story short, some of the new material we've been developing sounds like the biggest departure since the band began. The tracks that we were about to release, on the other hand, sounded very much in line with what we have done in the past. And while we haven't exactly shelved those songs (they may appear in some form on the new EP) we have chosen to follow the muse into this glorious new patch of earworms. It may just be an experiment, who knows, but I am really digging where this is going.

Are we Crunk now? No. Are we jazz-metal fusion? Nope. Psychobilly? No. Did I pick up the flute in hopes of becoming the modern day Jethro Tull? No, but that sounds amazing. To me, at least (side project).

At the end of the day, it's still Soapbox - with a few nice, unexpected little sonic flourishes added in for good measure. But it feels pretty unique for us. There are songs and sounds that are reminiscent of our past, and some stuff that has nothing to do with what we've done in the past. And by the time we're done, none of it may resemble anything else in our catalogue. But I, for one, haven't been as excited for a new batch of songs since we released our first album. 

Keep checking back here and on our FB/Twitter for updates on the upcoming EP. We should have a new single out by late this year/early 2016 and a new EP release shortly after that. We will also be playing a show on November 13th at Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn, where you'll be able to hear a teaser of where our heads are at with this new release.

Thanks for listening and thanks, as always, for the support! More updates coming soon.../dan

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