Another A-hole with an opinion, volume 16! Rock is dead and we keep missing the memo

Hello good people,

Well we are approximately 85% done with 2 new songs. Right now we're in the middle of the mixing phase, and after that we go to mastering (which is like adding a bright sheen to the tracks) and then we is done! We will be releasing these new tracks as singles over a couple months, while we play some shows and work on some other new material.

You'll never believe this, but we're going to say that this is the best work we've ever done. I know, shocker! Never heard a band say that. Anyway, we're very proud of these songs and can't wait for you to hear. 

On a side note, while we've experimented with different sounds over the last couple years - these new ones are most definitely rock songs in every way. In fact, one of the songs may be our heaviest one yet. Everyone keeps hearing and talking about how rock is dead, or dying, but I guess we're still banging nails into the coffin and haven't buried it yet. ;) I guess the point of telling you this is that I believe our next series of songs will be more experimental again - an evolution, if you will. There will always be traces of rock there, but we've sort of said what we can say and played what we can play in the rock realm and it's about time for something new. It's not forced in any way, it's just what our collective brains are churning out these days. It's the natural progression of a band. You know, as you get older your tastes change and... wait, am I explaining life to you? Yada Yada - you know how it goes. Look out for some new tracks and new vibes mid-late this year. In the meantime, prepare for the rawk :)

That's about all for now. We hope you're having a fine week – we'll keep you posted with updates on the new songs, new shows and other news about the band.


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