Another A-hole with an opinion, volume 15! New songs

Greetings peoples!

We have been cranking away in the studio working on 2 new songs for your aural pleasure. We are about to move into the mixing phase and hope to start releasing these tunes by April. In the meantime, here's some background.

The two new songs are called "Paper Skin" and "Circles (En Route)." The former is a song that dates back to probably 2009 or 2010. I always liked the main riff and overall musical melody but something always seemed to be missing. The song was never fully realized. It would disappear and reappear from our live sets but I always knew there was something special there. Just needed to figure it out. Happy to say that the lyrics and all the various parts have come together and I'm really excited about this song. The subject matter is somewhat political (which is an area we don't delve into often), but it's a topic that's all over the news currently and I feel very strongly about.

Circles (En Route) is a personal song about something that deeply affected me in recent months. Although some of the lyrics might sound melancholy, it's actually a pretty optimistic song (well, for me anyway) and is indicative of the kind of music and lyrics I want to write in the future. I'm very proud of this one.

The new songs are being produced and mixed by our very own bassist with great hair, Mr. Matt Basile. Matt also produced and mixed our latest EP, Maps.

That's all for now. Keep checking back on this page, we'll be providing more updates about the songs and other band news. Also! We'll be playing a FREE show at Arlene's Grocery on Fri, May 8th at 9:30pm. Don't Mees Eet. More details on that soon...

Thanks for all the support!



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