Another A-hole with an opinion, volume 12! Our new EP, Maps!


It's been awhile since we've posted, and I know you all have been DYING to hear from us. So here goes.

In the time that's spanned since our last post, we've completed and released our new EP, Maps. I'm extremely proud of this new EP and believe it to be our best to date (of course I do). Every album we've released has been a progression, an evolution. And this one is no different.

This new EP is our first release to have a running theme throughout all the songs. Without going all-out Rush style concept album sci-fi odyssey, the lyrics do tie together under one big umbrella theme - although each song is about something different. As you've noticed from our last blog post that you've read at least 10 times (right?), I don't like to explain the inspiration/meaning to songs because I think it takes away a little of the mystique and I like the idea of people getting to interpret the songs themselves. That said, I would like to talk about the overall theme because I think it's significant within our catalogue of albums.

Each of our albums prior to Maps, whether personal songs or songs about various external issues, have dealt very much in a pessimistic or negative viewpoint (ya don't say!). Sure, there are songs here or there that are more positive, but generally speaking they're few and far between. That said, I am extremely proud of each of our albums and I feel like any viewpoint is a valid one - after all, part of creating art is using it as therapy. But I was also really desiring something new. I felt a sort of 'been there, done that' attitude, especially lyrically. I wanted to create something that reflected my own desire to change, to move on, to be more positive. Even if it didn't necessarily sound like daffodils and rainbows - in my mind there was an interesting balance going on between light and dark in the music and lyrics.

Every time I've ever sat down to write a song it would be this negative, angst-ridden outpouring where I tended to get very melancholy and/or lash out at the world or blame others for different things, rather than taking control, responsibility, or trying to change things. And there's not anything super revelatory about that; as I said before art is something that helps you work on yourself and get through things. We're all guilty of these emotions, to various degrees. And all these songs have come from a very genuine and honest place. But at some point, you have to grow and move on. Art is all about evolution. This time, I was looking to exorcise some demons in a way that didn't just contribute to the cycle of negative crap; I tried to look at things from a different perspective. Perhaps it's just getting older, but I wanted to create something that I could listen back to that reminded me (and listeners) about the importance of growing, changing and progressing instead of feeding into all the darker stuff that my brain is constantly churning out. Because as Bob Dylan famously wrote, "he not busy being born is busy dying." Life is growth and renewal, or death. And at the end of the day, my life ain't that bad. And I need to learn to pick my battles and be grateful. We all do. There's a whole lot of negativity and vitriol out there these days, be it in the news, at work, online, in our relationships or anywhere else. And while a lot of world news is very heavy and hard not to get upset about, a lot of other things are trivial and we need to just let that shit go. We have a lot of work to do on ourselves, and social media has put a big 'ole spotlight on that. Life really is too short for the B.S. and the negative, soul-sucking garbage. To put it mildly. And I think that's what this EP is ultimately about.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the EP and thanks for listening. We are very proud of it. Here's a link to check it out. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

We'll be playing an EP release show on Fri, Nov 21st at 8pm at Pianos in NYC. Hope to see you there! Rock.



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  • Chitown Chowds
    Chitown Chowds
    "Get busy living, or get busy dying...that's goddamn right." - Red (Morgan Freeman)

    "Get busy living, or get busy dying...that's goddamn right." - Red (Morgan Freeman)

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